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I have long been passionate about photography. With eyes wide open, I am always searching for different angles to reveal what may be ordinarily hidden or overlooked. 


Presenting the right image for your creativity is so crucial. Having a portfolio of quality pictures to present to a prospective client can make all the difference. Perhaps you are a restrateur, upcycler, sculptor or seamstress, and wish to showcase your works in the most professional light. That is where I can help. 


I have been working for many years with artists and creative people in an arts gallery, as an education officer engaging with the public and artists, facilitating art interpretation. Now, exploring another way to support  the arts and creative people, I offer affordable photoshoots for books, websites and galleries for visual communication with impact and sensitivity.


I am a food lover and passionate cook, so I also have a special interest for culinary beauty. Some of my pictures are published in The Cambridgeshire Cook Book 2016. Therefore I am always thrilled to work with cooks, recipe writers or deli addicts. I do relish a delicious project!


Drop me a line, and we can meet to discuss your needs. 

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