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I am an education professional with French degrees in Arts History (BA) and Museum Education (MA), passionate about arousing marvel and curiosity, sparkling imagination and creativity, the seeds of inspired independent learning. 

I have lived in many places, different countries, worked with a variety of environments and publics - from prisons to primary schools in disadvantaged areas of Marseille, open market places, schools of remote villages in the Alps to old medieval castles - and enthusiastically embraced a wide range of educative missions.

Each new challenge was an opportunity to meet new people, provoke engagement and learn. I used for many years my creativity, my eye, my photography, Adobe Creative suite as side skills to build up my educational tools and to promote the engagement work of museum, Arts gallery and community centre I worked for. I have developed through these years a strong belief in the importance of the role Arts has to play in the health and wellbeing of communities as well as individuals.


In 2020 I started a MA in Art Therapy at the university of Hertfordshire, a new angle to understand communication, connection and engagement.


Contact me if you want to create new education material for your organisation and discuss the possibilities for new stories.

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