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I am Fanny Bara 

Creative mind

Story seeker,

Craft enthusiast

Photographer of light


I have degrees in Arts History (BA) and Education and Interpretation of Arts (MA), and am passionate about arousing marvel and curiosity, sparking imagination and creativity, the seeds of inspired independent learning and unique experimentation. Always seeking different angles, new points of view, novel adventures.


From France and the big Mediterranean city of Marseille, I moved to Cambridge more than ten years ago. Here, surrounded by all that was unfamiliar, I felt awakened, more aware, eyes wider open than ever before. I took the flight, seized my camera and let my creativity flow.


Today, I feel privileged to take pictures for creative people, families and food lovers. Inspired by intimate moments, nature poetry, skilled craft, beautiful cooking and street scenes, I turn images in to fine art prints, posters, web frames, cards and flyers etc. I love playing with ideas while creating new pictures and graphics, mixing materials and my own crafty touch.  I also write children’s stories in French… but that is another story.


So, if you would like to know more, do not hesitate to contact me.

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